I met Hanna on a flight to Honolulu and immediately was drawn to her depth of experience, business intuition, social intelligence, and her spark for life. As she explained her coaching experience, I began to see how talented she is in helping individuals create and grow businesses. Since our chance meeting, I’ve referred several business owners to her. The feedback I receive is that she continually assists them in focusing and developing their dreams into profitable, viable businesses. She has a unique ability to tap into core levels of what motivates and blocks a person. This cooperative and meaningful work creates a forward movement. Each person I have referred has a different business and Hanna is able to co-create dynamic models that fit the person and their location. I’ve also had my own Hanna experience. After 36 years of working as a psychologist in private practice, the time had come for me to have a website. I was resistant and hesitant and Hanna offered to assist me. She lead me through the path of self examination, discovery, writing, editing, and overall vision. She was consistent in gently, directly moving me forward. I depended on her honesty, clarity, and experience, and I now have a website that accurately reflects my practice, philosophy, and business practices. Hanna has a way of creating an accountability to both self and her that works! I am grateful for the many talents and multi-varied abilities of Hanna Roth.