When I started working with Hanna Roth, I wasn’t treating my business as a business. I wasn’t tracking numbers, running promotions, doing marketing, or focusing on building. I was going through the motions and keeping my fingers crossed that I’d make it. I had no direction, I felt overwhelmed, and I didn’t know where to start. Working with Hanna, I learned to do monthly marketing, track growth, run monthly promotions, build business structures, and start doing continuing education again. I moved into a new studio and I’m on track to make $30,000 more this year than when I started working with her 3 years ago! The accountability was huge for me. I had nowhere to hide and when I craved my comfort zone, Hanna knew how to coax me out of it! I have grown in my business and as a businesswoman, but I’ve also grown so much as a person. I even hired her to work with my child to get her on track and build her career, and today, I have a very happy, successful child working in the industry of her dreams. We wouldn’t be where we are today if I hadn’t hired Hanna.