I was introduced to Hanna Roth at a time in my life when things were bleak; a marriage that was all but over and a career that was in limbo. There seemed to be no hope or vision of improvement. Over the 5 years of working with Hanna, changes occurred that I never believed possible. Her coaching completely changed my life. I’m living my dream. My marriage has completely turned around, my children are excelling and thriving, and I have the best job of my life with outstanding possibilities for advancement, working in the part of the country I had wanted to move to for years. These results are based on hard work. If you want outstanding improvements in your life, your job, and yourself, you need to work with Hanna. However, be ready to work and to be honest with yourself and with her. She accepts nothing less and neither should you. You can’t have a person more committed to your results. I guarantee the results will astound you.