Hanna Roth is a powerful catalyst for change and results! If you are ready to dig deep and follow her lead and guidance, you will be amazed at what transpires. In the course of one year, my life went through subtle and dramatic transformations. Initially I began my work with Hanna thinking she would assist me in successfully navigating a career change and starting my own business. Her impact stretched far beyond my career. Very early in our work together she raised my awareness to nagging issues in some of the important relationships in my life. Hanna has an amazing ability to ask questions that “stir the pot”, uncovering unconscious agreements and patterns that undermine even our best intentions. The process is often arduous and challenging, but Hanna is an ever present beacon lighting the way through the dark moments. It takes guts and courage to look within to answer the questions she poses, but the rewards are tremendous for those willing to commit to the process. My business is flourishing. My relationship with my sister shifted from patronizing and competitive to full of acceptance and compassion. One short year ago I was hanging onto a disappointing romantic relationship full of commitment conflict. Now, I am with a wonderful gentleman and enjoying the relationship of my dreams!