When I started working with Hanna 12 years ago, I had no business or marketing experience. I’d fled academia in disgust at how success depended on self-promotion, only to find myself starting a business that required self-promotion. With Hanna’s coaching, I built an engaging, effective marketing strategy and I love doing it! I learned new and essential skills for reaching potential clients, following up, and tracking numbers. Subtler but just as crucial was learning how the state of my business reflects my inner state, and how to take responsibility when things aren’t going as I want them to. Before Hanna, I didn’t know the questions to ask, nor did I have the heart to face them honestly. Hanna is an incomparable guide through this daunting thicket into the empowerment and progress on the other side. As a result, I make a living doing what I love, enjoying the freedom of self-employment in a field where many quit in the first few years, many others make low wages in exploitative work settings, and still others launch businesses only to fail. Year after year, my client base and income have grown, and with them my confidence and sense of security. I can’t imagine getting here without Hanna’s coaching