Leora Weitzman

When I started working with Hanna 12 years ago, I had no business or marketing experience. I’d fled academia in disgust at how success depended on self-promotion, only to find myself starting a business that required self-promotion. With Hanna’s coaching, I built an engaging, effective marketing strategy and I love doing it!

Dr. Laura Connor

Hanna Roth has been my business coach for the past 10 years. She has been instrumental to my success as a business owner. She oversees almost every aspect of my business growth – which invariably has always paralleled my personal growth.

Melanie Neumaier

When I started working with Hanna Roth, I wasn’t treating my business as a business. I wasn’t tracking numbers, running promotions, doing marketing, or focusing on building. I was going through the motions and keeping my fingers crossed that I’d make it.

Hon. DeAnn Salcido

Hanna Roth is a strategic visionary. After my first session with her, I left our meeting with confidence, clarity of the purpose of my business, and a marketing plan that was not only going to help my business get to the next level…